Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's Almost Summertime!

And it’s time to plan those beach trips with your family and friends! Everybody knows why it’s good to plan this early, but if in case you don’t:
  1. To take advantage of those early bird promos for airfares, if you want to go somewhere far from Metro Manila (e.g. Boracay, Cebu);
  2. Of course you gotta reserve as early as possible because it’s peak season for beach resorts in the months of March-May, so you've got a lot of competition in reserving; and
  3. You’ll have something to look forward to while you’re stressed at work or even in school! :D
May I suggest a beach trip, not so far from Manila? That is – BATANGAS!

It’s just a car ride away from Manila where you can find lots of resorts with still beautiful beaches. Last year, I went to three different resorts in Batangas: Balai Isabel, La Luz and Stilts. I haven’t told you about our Stilts daytrip, so here goes:

May 2012, my barkada and I went to our first beach trip ever at Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort. It was roughly a 3-hour ride from Alabang (left at around 6am and got there at 9am), but when you’re with your friends, you won’t feel like it was a long trip. 

Sab, Eunice and the sleeping Lorenzo

Someone recommended this resort to us and after seeing the pictures on their Facebook and website, we were convinced (and excited) to go there!

Upon entering, it looked like a ranch because of the vast lands before you get to the parking and front desk.

Before entering the secret garden of Stilts :>

From there, we had to walk a bit. And when we got to the beach...

Blue and beautiful... BLU-TIFUL! Haha!

Them boats for snorkeling :)

Very open and spacious. It's actually perfect for big events like weddings or team building seminars for orgs or companies. When we were there, there was actually a scheduled event.

There's a lot to see and do in Stilts!

Mini playground: For the kids to play or where kids at heart like us can hang out.

Inspirational quotes on trees: A nice read while strolling along the sand.

More quotes in the cottage area.

Lovely flowers: Adding color to your beach experience.

SOBRANG GANDA lang talaga, okay! Haha

Duyan :)

Swimming Pool: When you just feel like swimming in chlorine.

Enjoying the pool before setting out sea! (Photo by Klar)
We played with Trixy's underwater camera before going out for snorkeling! Employees told us that  they were going to close the pool at around 11:30am, so we went here first.

Snorkeling: Take the time to enjoy the beautiful corals underwater :D

Snorkeling! (Photo by Lianne)
Beautiful corals (Photo by Trixy)

The kuya's who went there with us were very friendly.

I had a hard time snorkeling. It was my first time, actually. I struggled to swim and snorkel with the life vest on but if I removed it, I might have drowned haha but I would love to do it again after seeing the photos my friend took of the corals :D after a while at sea, I felt kinda dizzy, though.

Other than snorkeling, you can also go out kayaking... In the waters, of course, unlike these two: (haha!)

(Photo from Lianne)

Cottages: Rooms by the sea.

I think I even saw someone dive out of the cottage :))

Wouldn't it be nice to wake up at the sound of the splashing seawater? This is one thing I loved about the resort. We only planned a day trip so we didn't get a chance to spend the night in one of these lovely cottages. Check out the rates here!

"So awesome. Right?"
Sand and Seashore: Playing dirty then getting wet and wild :))

Making sandcastles.
Our mermaid friend. (Photo by Klar)

That hut by the shore we claimed ours.

The exploration team.
Just looking around, hoping to see.. oysters?

 Clean Bathrooms and Shower: A MUST, anywhere we go!

It's all just wooden walls and doors, and a cemented floor, but it's clean, and that's all that matters.

Delicious and Refreshing Food: Enjoy halo-halo and mais con yelo, among others, on a hot summer day!

We also ordered fish and pizza for lunch and it was really good!

We really had a nice time at Stilts! It's a very beautiful resort! After reminiscing like this, I wish I can go there again. Maybe someday. For now, I wanna visit other beach resorts in the Philippines!

So, where are you planning to go this summer? :D

If you haven't decided where to go this summer, why don't you go to Stilts?
For more details, check out their website.
Like them on Facebook!

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