Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blockmates & Beach

Finally got to go out with my blockmates... to a place other than the mall or someone's house.

I was really worried that the rain will ruin this summer getaway so I prayed hard -- it's our first outing, and we are rarely successful in planning trips like this, and that I don't go to the beach that often haha I also had my Teru Teru Bozu with me wherever I go. And yay! Even though it was drizzling when we got there, the second day was sunny (yay wrong weather forecast) :)

La Luz Beach Resort
Among the resorts we searched, this one seemed to be the cheapest. We got the Premier Loft that can accommodate 8-10 people for only Php 5,520. I liked the room.  Us, girls, stayed in the second floor and had one bed each to ourselves while the five guys stayed in the first floor and slept in three beds hihi They had a nice spacious bathroom; mahina lang yung shower. I only told the management about it when we were checking out. (Photos from La Luz website)

Anyone who stays overnight must pay Php 1,100 for food. (Rates) The food was okay. Pwede na for the said price. Unforgettable food: Mango Sago <3

The eating area :)
The place was really nice! Perfect MOMOL place. I kid haha They had these cabanas where you can just relax, feel the sea breeze and watch the waves... Ang sarap lang talaga tumambay dun.

Just chillin' in our cabana~
Makes me want to have a beach resort of my own so that I could put up cabanas like those hihi

I have nothing to say about the beach itself since I rarely go to any beach. This was actually just my second time to go to a beach (first was in Punta Fuego, 2007 -- beautiful, beautiful place!) Masaya na akong nakapagtampisaw at natikman ang alat ng dagat haha!

There's this big rock... hill... I don't know what it is.. which you can climb and enjoy the view? I actually don't remember looking at the view; I was too worried about falling because the wind was just so intense up there. It felt like the wind was going to blow me away.

So windy up there~
From that... rock... you can see another beach resort from a distance. It was hard to get there on the first day because the water was high. I took that picture the next day and I was really amazed at the view. I don't know why, it's just a bunch of rocks but still, it made me smile :D

Resort activities included volleyball and biking. They also have snorkeling, kayak and banana boat ride.

That night, all we did was play Monopoly Deal.  I would advise you to bring stuff to do, although the resort  also has board games you can rent.  We were supposed to have a movie marathon since someone brought a portable projector (so cool!), but no laptop so... that didn't happen.

Monopoly deal tournament!
More Monopoly Deal in the morning!
After this trip, I really just want to go to any beach and swim again!! I want to go back to La Luz resort because I really like the place. But I wanna try other resorts too.

All in all, good service, wonderful place... nothing much to do, though. I only realized now that my friend was right to look for a pool. Maybe beach resorts should have a pool. But they have cabanas!! So yeah, try it!

La Luz Beach Resort
Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

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