Sunday, November 6, 2011

Third Stop: Mustafa Centre

You can get to Mustafa Centre by taking North East Line (Purple) to Punggol and getting off at Farrer Park from Little India.

It's not an easy find unlike Chinatown because you have to walk a few miles to get there.  It's a big building, though so you can spot it as you walk.  If you don't, then maybe you're getting lost.

Some friends recommended that we go to Mustafa because my mom was looking for the perfume that my brother asked her to buy.  They said that this place is 24/7 so we could have gone there the night before after dinner but out of exhaustion, we decided to call it a day instead.

When we entered, it seemed like it had EVERYTHING. We were only looking for perfume so we stayed at the ground floor and started walking from one end to the other. There are a lot of shelves full of different brands of cosmetics and other products.

My mom saw the lipstick she just bought for the trip. It costs Php 900.  There we saw 2 for around $20 (Php 700).  So Mustafa is a cheaper option where you can buy things in bulk with discount.  It's like 168 but more organized.

We found the perfume section at the other end of the building.  We were looking for United Colors of Benetton Perfume, Hot & Cold, but we didn't know what it looked like.  Also, there was just so many perfumes!  I eventually found it.  We bought 1 cold, 1 hot then added 2 more... which one's for guys again?... for my other brother and my dad.  I also bought myself a perfume - Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea Exotic for $30 (*converting to peso* Woops. Ang mahal pala haha).  I haven't used it yet because I still have my Victoria Secret perfume.

After putting everything in a basket, this one saleslady approached us and began asking my mom where we were from.  She started her sales talk about this product called UV White (O2 Advanced).  It's a renewal gel that when applied, can remove dry skin.  My mom bought two because the saleslady was persistent.

We were in a hurry to leave Mustafa because we had to go to Marina Bay Sands and be back at the hotel by 11:30am.  It was past 9am.  We left without exploring the other floors of Mustafa Centre :< But then we saw this...

Very nice promotions for this shop with their big-ass "3 for $10 3 for $10 ..." posters.  Good thing the store  lured us into them; I was carrying all the perfumes and it was heavy! We bought a bag so I could carry the perfumes more easily.  I also bought these cute keychains from this store - 5 for $10 (I already gave one to my friend hihi):

Then we bid farewell to the Mustafa Centre, to Farrer Park and was on our way to... Marina Bay Sands!

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