Saturday, November 5, 2011

First Stop: Sentosa

Upon leaving the hotel to go to Sentosa, we were able to talk to an employee named Peter who gave us directions on how to go there. He was so nice to give us directions :)

1.  Go to Little India MRT station, walking distance from the hotel (Parc Sovereign hotel).

I was surprised to see that Little India was so near our hotel, it was part of my itinerary.  I had hope that we will be able to go to all the places I planned to visit.  We got our MRT cards, which is so cool and it is a must-have for travelers in Singapore (MRT & LRT System map from SMRT website).

The MRT station is so clean and it feels really safe because of the CCTV inside the station.  There are long walks, sometimes in some MRT stations from one exit to another.  Very systematic and organized MRT stations.  Another thing that makes it safe are the doors that only open once the trains have stopped.  Also, compared to our MRT/LRT stations, it stops exactly where it should stop.  Riding the train was easy breezy, really breezy.  The train's fast.  It has a ticker that tells the stop you are currently in.  I really love SMRT!!

2.  Get off at Harbour Front, the last station in the North East line (Purple line).
We had breakfast at the Harbour Front station.  I forgot the name of the place but it was a food court.  We saw a lot of Filipinos eating there too, perhaps they were all going to Sentosa.

We should have entered the mall first before stopping to eat at the station because there are a lot more restaurants to choose from.  I had my eyes on Food Republic.  It had this street market feel (with wooden chairs and tables haha) but the food was actually more costly.

Spotted something while looking around Food Republic hihi

3.  Ride the Sentosa Express line, monorail.
It was at the top floor of Vivo City.  At first, I thought we had to pay $60-70 just to get in Sentosa.  Eventually we found out that we can just use our magic MRT card! Yay for EZ-Link card! I think it was for $3 only.

Into the Sentosa Express! Woot woot! There are four (4) stops as shown above and of course at that time, we were just in the Sentosa Station. (Sentosa Island map from Sentosa website)

Waterfront Station.
Where you can find: Universal Studios and Resorts World

We accompanied Tita Lyn and Issa to Universal Studios and started our photo-op :) (Sorry, I'm a bit camera shy especially if I'm the only one in the picture hihi) There were a lot of things we could take a picture with - posters, stores, ...statues..., etc!


Spot the Candy Trees :>

Hard Rock Cafe~

Ooh cable cars!

The Lake of Dreams~

Took a picture of this because I remembered my friends. When we were at Starbucks Tagaytay, we saw a school called ASHA.

Imbiah Station.
Where you can find: Merlion Plaza and Imbiah Lookout

We didn't go to Imbiah Lookout or explored the attractions other than the Merlion because it was really hot already.

Beach Station.
Where you can find: Tanjong Beach, Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach.

My mom and I decided to ride the beach trams that bring people to the beaches.  There are actually two - one for both Tanjong and Palawan beaches, and another for Siloso beach.  There are pavillions in Siloso beach, and resorts in Tanjong and Palawan beaches.

Southernmost Point of Continental Asia
I wanted to go there because it seemed interesting to be in the southernmost point of continental Asia :))

I can't say much because we only went around to take pictures and see for ourselves what's in Sentosa.

If you plan to go to Singapore, and you decide to visit Sentosa, be sure to allot a day or two for it.  There are lots of things you can do while you're in Sentosa - attractions to see (like Universal Studios) and places to visit (Beach area).

What to bring: sunblock, shades, beach stuff (swimsuit, towel, clothes), cap, camera and friends!

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