Thursday, October 15, 2015

Exploring Kuala Lumpur

While fellow Filipinos celebrated National Heroes Day on August 31, my friends and I celebrated Malaysia's Independence Day. We happened to have planned our tour around the city on the same day as well.

Booked a cab in the hotel to service us around the city for the day for MYR 100 per person. But it's better not to because the tourists spots are just near each other and it will be so much cheaper if you just take the bus or monorail. There's also the Hop On Hop Off.

Batu Caves
This is perhaps the farthest from the City. There are two ways to go here: (1) by taxi, which costs, if I remember correctly, MYR 120, one-way, and (2) by monorail.

Be sure to dress appropriately.

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Almost there guys!

Just a few more steps

Walked 272 steps just to see...

The lair of monkeys

Merdeka Square
In this area, you can already visit 3 or 4 tourist spots, mostly museums actually. We weren't able to enter any of those museums, but we got to celebrate Hari Merdeka! Sort of. We got there just when it ended.

Music Museum

National Textile Museum

Thean Hou
While searching for places to go in KL, I stumbled upon this and loved the look and colors.

Honestly, from what I've seen on TV and movies, I've always wanted to pray in a temple, light an incense, ring the big bell. I've always wondered what doing those meant. Quite interesting.

They have Chinese Zodiac statues in one area. I had to take a photo with my zodiac sign, The Horse:

Year of the Horse pose

We also went to KL Tower just to see what's there. Nothing, really haha my experience at Seoul Tower was much better with their visual in the elevator going up, making it seem like you were going to space, and going down, like you're going back to Earth.

Then we ended the day at Central Market to shop for pasalubong. Don't shop for food there. It's cheaper in the supermarket. But they have nice home decor and accessories.

I would definitely go back to Kuala Lumpur to check out the museums in Merdeka Square.

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