Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Baluarte ni Chavit

Since Vigan is Singson's territory I just had to highlight what they have done for Vigan. 

Baluarte ni Chavit
Honestly didn't do much research which is what I always do when I travel. I was clueless as to what Baluarte ni Chavit has in store for us. I thought it would be a museum-type similar to that of Malacanang of the North in Laoag. It turned out to be a zoo.

There were parrots:

Pardon my weird posture. The parrot's claws were digging through my shoulder so I couldn't move that much.

A goat having an identity crisis (or simply liked the food of the geese/duck):

Deers, makes me think of Japan:

Gwen feeding the deer for Php 10.

Tigers. I think they have around 6 tigers here:

We got up close and personal with a 6-month old tiger:

That fake smile cos I was so scared the tiger might eat my hand off

They even have a museum of different preserved animals that Chavit Singson hunted. Hunting ain't cool. Just saying.

Look at all those deers' heads. The lion, bear and humongous elephant. How was he able to kill them?

Dancing Fountains at Plaza Salcedo
Every night at 7:30pm, people gather at Plaza Salcedo for the Dancing Fountains show. It was amazing! In Ayala, we only have the lights show every Christmas, but in Vigan, they have this every freaking day? Wow.

I think it lasted for more than 30 minutes. Actually we didn't finish it anymore cos we wanted to have dinner already. They played so many songs, including Frozen's Let It Go, Eye of the Tiger, Katy Perry's Firework, Psy's Gentleman, and Jingle Bell Rock.
They have managed to develop the city while maintaining it's beauty of an old Spanish town.

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