Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Love Me Like Cebu

Finally got to visit Cebu last July! So many firsts (and probably, lasts) during this trip. Another adventure filled trip! Exhausting yet memorable.

I still can't get over how beautiful southern Cebu is. Look at this view from our hotel room balcony in Savedra Beach Bungalows:

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Watching the sun set while listening to the waves crashing onto the rocky shore is the most relaxing thing to do. But that's not exactly why we went to Cebu.

Day 1 was island hopping around Moalboal c/o Galore Tours to find Nemo, Dory and friends. We sailed into the open sea past 1pm. The package included dolphin watching, but unfortunately, there were no dolphins around at that time.

We saw a lot of sardines. In the shallow waters of Pescador island we got up close and personal with the fishes while feeding them. The current is quite strong in that area, fyi. Last stop was to see Crush, the sea turtle. We had to swim into the open sea to see how he's doing. No sign of Nemo, though.

We had an early start on Day 2 because we just had to see Destiny, the whale shark while we're there. We thought maybe Dory was around too.

Be early! There were already a lot of people by the time we got there which was around 6:30am. There was a short briefing before actually swimming with and seeing the whale shark. Safety precautions. Better to swim with the whale shark than to just watch from the boat; there's not much to see from the boat since they are underwater.

For better appreciation of southern Cebu, watch this:

We also tried canyoneering but let's leave that for my next post (and video).

Budget. I got to say, this trip was not cheap, but it was comfortable.
  • Van rental (airport to Moalboal): Php 3,000
  • Hotel accommodation in Savedra, for 2 twin rooms (1 room with extra bed) and 1 double room: Php 12,610
  • Galore Tours island hopping: Php 3,000
  • Van rental for 12 hours (hotel-Oslob-canyoneering-hotel): Php 3,500
  • Whale shark: forgot the actual rates
  • Canyoneering: Php 1,200
So far, budget was around Php 4,360 per person + whale shark (not including food and pasalubong).

For a non-swimmer such as myself, I think I have fallen in love with the sea.

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